Our Community

Sauganash Park, as it is now known, was  originally the Peterson Tree Nursery.  The area was subdivided in 1925  by the firm of Krenn and Dato who also laid the sidewalks.  In the early  years, only two homes were built, one on Karlov just north of Glenlake,  and the second on Keeler just south of Glenlake.

Building began anew in 1939 by Edward R. Wanland.  Streets were laid under the WPA program in 1940, and by the end of that year there were approximately 30 homes occupied or under construction.  The idea of a community association was promoted by two early residents, Raymond Tomkins and Edward Thau, who passed out fliers to homeowners urging them to join together as a group.

The first meeting was held at Sauganash Park Fieldhouse on September 26, 1941.  Officers were elected and the name Sauganash Park Improvement Association was adopted.  The goals of the association were established as follows:

1. To unite property owners
2. To encourage improvements in community interests
3. To promote social interests

The new association began to tackle the problems of the area.  The main concerns at the time were impassable alleys and inadequate street lighting.  The association worked with Alderman Brody to employ a private contractor to spread cinders in the alleys.  The improvement was financed through dues and assessments.  Street lighting proved to be a difficult problem.  There were material and manpower shortages as well as resistance from City Hall.  The Association persevered, and with the assistance of Alderman Brody, the goal was achieved – electric street lights were installed.

Through the years the association has been active in addressing the needs of the community in many ways: snow plowing the streets, planting trees in parkways, and setting building restrictions and traffic control to protect the community.  CTA bus service and a pedestrian underpass below the railroad tracks at Lowell and Granville were brought about through association efforts.  The community that worked together also knew how to enjoy together.  Annual Halloween party,Holiday decorating contest, and recently tree planting are longstanding traditions.  A Fourth of July picnic/parade have also been sponsored by the association.  The spirit of Sauganash Park remains alive and well today!