E-Neighborhood Watch

If you have cameras on the outside of your house, a video doorbell, or any other type of surveillance equipment on the outside of your house, you can help police solve crimes in our neighborhood.

You do this simply by entering your information in the boxes below. This information is stored on our secured-servers. The data is safe. Nobody will get it but the police if they request it. Police Commander Pontecore has agreed to work with us on this.

Here’s how that process may look.

1. Crime occurs near your house.

2. Police investigate.

3. We share our list.

4. They contact you and request that you share any footage that you may have.

5. We hope your systems help us catch criminals who threaten all we love.

Thank you for supporting our community!
We are stronger together!

Submitting this form does not mean that the police will somehow take over your camera system. This just means that you have cameras on your house and have expressed a general willingness to use them to assist in investigations.