2021 SPCA Holiday Decorating Contest – Voting Now Open

Last week our neighbors nominated the best decorated homes in Sauganash Park. We created a gallery of 21 homes. Now it’s time to vote for the winner!

The voting period begins now. The last day that you may submit a vote is Sunday, 12/26.

I recommend that you browse the gallery of homes. Click the photos to enlarge them and see the addresses. Choose your three favorites and submit them on this voting form

Your first place vote is worth 3 points. Your second place vote is worth 2 points. And your third place vote is worth 1 point. The homes that receive the most points will win the contest.

Winners Will Be Awarded Gift Cards

Winners will be awarded a gift card to one of our partner restaurants 
in the following increments: $100 (1st), $50 (2nd), and $25 (3rd and 4th). Runners up will also receive a special prize.


We are looking forward to announcing our community-selected winners one week from today, on Monday 12/27.

Don’t forget to vote!

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