April Updates

Principal Munns To Discuss Sauganash School Expansion


The SPCA is excited to host Principal Munns at our Spring General Meeting She will discuss the expansion at Sauganash School and let us know how things are going. We invite all interested community members to attend. 

Also, US Congressional Representative Mike Quigley will lead the meeting with some remarks. We look forward to hearing how things are going at the Capital. 

WHERE: Sauganash Park Field House (5861 N. Kostner)
WHEN: Tuesday, 4/19 at 7:00 PM
WHO: Principal Munns and Congressman Quigley




The SPCA will be collecting items to donate to refugees of Ukraine at our Spring General Meeting.  Supplies needed/recommended:

  • Medical Supplies (Tylenol, Band-Aids, Antiseptic Wipes, Gauze, Adhesive Tape & More)
  • Food (Ready-to-eat pre packaged food, Coffee, Tea)
  • Clothing (Hats, Socks, Undergarments, Tactical Gloves/Pants- new items please)
  • Hygiene Products (Diapers, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Feminine Hygiene Products, Baby Formula)
  • Other: Flashlights, Baby Bottles, Sleeping Bags, UV Lamps, Knee Pads, Blankets)

Updating Our Bylaws

The SPCA also intends to update its bylaws for the first time since 2003 at our Spring General Meeting. In accordance with the existing bylaws, we need to inform dues-paying members of our intentions.You may review the proposed amendments and revisions here if you are interested. Also, please come to our meeting and vote ‘yes’ as we believe the amendments are good.


Holding an Election for Officers

The SPCA also intends to elect officers for our 2022-23 membership cycle at our Spring General MeetingOur board has a Chairperson, a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary. If you are interested in serving in any of these roles, or just working with our board, please contact us. We could use your help.


Praying Mantis Egg Sign-Up


Each spring the SPCA delivers praying mantis eggs to members on our distribution list. These eggs provide natural mosquito and pest control. If you are an SPCA member and would like us to deliver praying mantis eggs to your home for spring of 2022, sign up hereIt is required that you sign up for the 2022 delivery, even if you have already signed up in the past. The reason for this is so that people do not receive unwanted deliveries.


Earth Day Cleanup Event


The SPCA and our friend Alderman Nugent are organizing an Earth Day Cleanup Event on April 23rd. We plan to clean on Saturday morning from 9 AM until noon. Alderman Nugent’s Office will provide supplies but you are welcome to bring your own! 

Volunteers can join one of two teams. One team will meet near the underpass by the west trail on Lowell. One team will meet near the east trail by Glenlake and Keystone. 

This will be a fun community-building event. When you are done you will feel good about helping our environment. But also remember: you can pick up litter anywhere and at anytime. It is appreciated.


We hope that you choose to become involved!

Here are photos from the event!

Thank you to all who participated!

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