SPCA Sign on Devon Damaged

Our SPCA sign on Devon was destroyed during a car accident near Keystone. This happened on March 24th around 7:51 AM. Police and medical professionals responded to the incident. Minor injuries were reported.

We maintain an insurance policy that covers these signs. We have filed a claim with our insurance company. Community members and our Association raised the funds to install these signs over 20 years ago. We have since maintained them. We are hoping to restore this sign as soon as we are able.


Earth Day Clean Up Event

Once again the SPCA is working with Alderman Nugent and the Ward office to organize an Earth Day Clean Up event. The event is scheduled for Saturday, April 22nd. 

As with prior years, we are planning on organizing two clean up groups. One group will meet at the east trail near Glenlake and Keystone. A second group will meet by the underpass near the west trail at Granville and LowellWe hope that you pitch in and help either group.

This is a fun and rewarding activity. Join friends and neighbors and help cleanup our neighborhood. Alderman Nugent and the Ward office will deliver cleanup supplies and arrange for additional garbage pick up. You might want to bring your own gloves though. 

WHAT: Earth Day Clean Up Event
WHEN: Saturday, April 22nd around 9 AM
WHERE: The East and West Trails around Sauganash Park

Signup for Praying Mantis Egg Distribution

The SPCA will distribute praying mantis eggs to interested members this spring. Praying mantis provide safe and effective insect control.  They are voracious predators and wholly organic. We have sourced 400 eggs and seek to distribute them around the neighborhood. 

Dues-paying members can signup to receive free praying mantis eggs this spring. Even if you have signed up in the past, YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR DISTRIBUTION AGAIN. This is because some members move or lose interest and we only want to deliver eggs to interested parties. 


Spring General Meeting on May 2nd

In accordance to our new bylaws, which were ratified at our last Spring General Meeting, we will host this year’s Spring General Meeting on the first Tuesday in May. That will be May 2nd this year. We are planning on hosting the meeting at the Sauganash Park Fieldhouse at 7 PM. Alderman Nugent has confirmed her attendance and we hope to bring other speakers to our meeting. All interested community members are welcome to attend. 

WHAT: Spring General Meeting
WHEN: Tuesday, May 2nd at 7 PM
WHERE: The Sauganash Park Fieldhouse
WHO: Alderman Nugent and Others

Join or Renew Your SPCA Now

Our community association is the SPCA. We are a volunteer organization. We rely on membership dues from our neighbors. Though it is a new year soon, we are still in our 2022-23 cycle. Our membership cycle runs from July 1st to June 30th.

If you haven’t joined or renewed yet for this year, please do so as soon as you canHelp us grow as a community association!

Thank you!

Don Morton
SPCA Chairperson

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