Snow Plows Dispatched to Sauganash Park

Calling private snow plows to clear our streets is a heavy expense, so we try to only call when necessary. Today, it appears to be necessary. We have already called for snow plows. They are headed to Sauganash Park immediately to clear the center of our streets. 

End-to-End Street Clearance


Initially, the snow plows will clear the center of our roads so that cars can enter and exit our neighborhood. They will return tonight to plow our streets end-to-end.

The streets running east and west (Glenlake, Granville, Rosemont) will be cleared from midnight till 8 AM. Please remove your cars from those streets overnight. This will allow the plows to clear from end-to-end, so that we may easily park on the street once again.

The streets running north and south (Keystone, Karlov, Kedvale, etc.) will be cleared from 8 AM tomorrow morning until noon. Please remove your cars from these streets at those times so that the streets can be plowed from end-to-end.

Please help us by notifying your neighbors who may not receive our emails about these plans.

Thank you!

2020 Holiday Decorating Contest

The SPCA is happy to host our annual Holiday Decorating Contest for 2020.

This year, instead of asking for donations from local restaurants, we are buying gift cards from them. We are supporting those who have helped us in the past. We are also supporting establishments that are new to our neighborhood.

Sauganash Grill

The Alarmist

Chai Asian Bistro

East of Edens


To make this year the best year yet for our contest, we are awarding more winners than ever before.

Make sure that you have renewed your SPCA membership for the 2020-2021 cycle. Only current SPCA members are eligible to win.


SPCA Holiday Contest PDF

Place Your Graduate’s Photo in this Saturday’s Sounds Newspaper

The Sounds newspaper is accepting “Grad Ads” for Saturday’s issue (June 20thif you provide the photo and the message by 5:00 PM tomorrow (June 16th).

You may have seen the Grad Ads in the June 6th issue of The Sounds and wished you had placed one for your grad. Now you have the opportunity if you act fast.

Several families from Sauganash Park are placing ads for their grads. Join in the fun.

Grad Ads are 3” x 6” and include a photo of your grad. Cap and gown optional. The text includes the grad’s name, a congratulatory message, where they are graduating from and, optionally, where they are headed. The ads generally end with “Love”, “With love”, “All our love” from the family (Dad, mom, sisters, brothers).

If you’re interested, send a photo and your message to [email protected] . The cost of a grad ad is $22 and you pay online on The Sounds website on the donation page. Select the graduation ad option.    

SPCA Graduation Celebration

The Sauganash Park Community Association is organizing a celebration for our neighborhood graduates. We ask that all our neighbors come outside and help us celebrate on June 14th at 1 PM.

If you have a graduate in your home, we will tie a balloon to your porch on the day of the celebration. This will indicate your graduate’s status. Just sign up here and let us know.

We will have a music truck provided by WiFi Firetruck. We will also have photography services covering the entire event provided by DejaViewsUSA. Photos will later be posted on this website.

Here is a map of the route that the truck will take on the day of the event. We hope to post a Google map showing the location of the truck on this page if we can. Check back on Sunday, June 14th between 1 and 3.

We are also offering professional photography services for graduates and their families. This unique offering is called PORchTRAITS. If you have a graduate in your home, you can request PORchTRAITS. Photos will be taken outdoors at your home. The photographer will follow CDC guidelines for social distancing. The only cost to you is a $40 or greater donation to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. After you make your donation, you are eligible for the PORchTRAITS service and can sign up here.


The Flier for the Event

Covid-19 Resources

Swedish Hospital Community Helpline


Swedish Hospital has a help line that community members can call: 1-773-907-7700If you are experiencing cough, fever, or respiratory issues, you can call this number. Clinicians are screening these calls and will help you determine what to do next. This printout from the CDC offers some useful tips too.

Show Support For Healthcare Workers!


Show support for healthcare professionals by burning a candle outside or in your windows tomorrow night at 7 PM.

You or your children can also color this sheet and tape it to your windows.

Small Business Loans

The CARES Act has made money available for small businesses. Want to learn more about how to obtain one of these loans? 10 District Commissioner Bridget Gainer along with Alderman Nugent and others are hosting a virtual townhall meeting about it this Thursday, April 2nd from 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm.

The meeting will be held over Zoom at this link:

You can also call this phone number: 1-312-626-6799 and enter Meeting ID: 513 964 405

Know someone with a small business? Let them know about this great opportunity.

Other Resources

We will get through this together, even if we must stay apart for now.

Stay safe!

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