September 2022 Updates

Fall General Meeting on 9/20 @ 7 PM

The Sauganash Park Community Association will host our annual Fall General Meeting on Tuesday, September 20th at 7 PM.

Our friends Alderman Sam Nugent and Police Commander Michelene Alexa are scheduled to speak. The meeting will be held at the Sauganash Park Fieldhouse at 5861 N. Kostner.

All interested community members are welcome to attend. 


What: Fall General Meeting
Where: Sauganash Park Fieldhouse at 5861 N. Kostner
When: Tuesday, September 20th at 7 PM
Who: Alderman Nugent and Commander Alexa

2022-2023 SPCA Event Planning Meeting

Some of our board members are meeting at Alarmist Brewing this Sunday at 2 PM to plan SPCA events for the upcoming year. You are invited to join us!

We want to plan events such as a neighborhood-wide garage sale, an adults-only social event, movie night, and Halloween party.

But we cannot do it without help from our community. Can you help us put together any of these events? Do you have ideas for another event or a program? Let’s work together!


What: SPCA Event Planning Meeting
Where: Alarmist Brewing and Taproom
When: This Sunday, September 4th at 2 PM
Who: SPCA Board Members and YOU!

Join or Renew Now!

Our community association is the SPCA. We are a volunteer organization. We rely on membership dues from our neighbors. Our membership cycle runs from July 1st to June 30th. We are now in the 2022-23 cycle.

If you haven’t joined or renewed yet for this year, please do so as soon as you can. We need your membership. 

Thank you!

June Updates – 4th of July Parade and Picnic Info

4th of July Parade and Picnic Event

Each year the SPCA and the SCA work together to celebrate our independence. This is usually done with a large parade that travels through Sauganash, crosses Peterson, and ends at the War Memorial. This is followed by a few short speeches from civic leaders at the memorial, and then all convene at the park for hot dogs, refreshments, and fun.


Parade Begins at 9:30 AM

This year the parade will form on the west side of Sauganash Park at 9 AM on Monday, July 4th. The parade will begin around 9:30.

You and your family are welcome to march with the parade. Bicycle decorations are encouraged! Or spectate alongside the parade route and scoop up some free candy. 



Picnic to Be Held After Parade

Please join us after the parade for a picnic at Sauganash ParkOur new membership cycle begins July 1st. We encourage you to pay your dues at the event. Look for our tent. We will give you an SPCA Koozie or two to help keep your beverages cold.



The SPCA will also provide 2000 hot dogs for the event. First come first serve. 

Volunteers Needed

The SPCA cannot do our part in hosting this event without volunteers. We need help with the setup. We need help preparing hot dogs. And we need help cleaning up the mess. This is a community effort. And this is a great opportunity to give back to your community.

If you can donate some time, please signup here.

Thank you!

SPCA May 2022 Updates

Pizza Party at Alarmist Brewing

Please join us this coming Thursday at Alarmist Brewing as we honor and thank our neighbors Carrie and Bill Morrissey, who are leaving Sauganash Park.

Carrie and Bill have been active members of the SPCA board since they arrived in our neighborhood a decade ago. Carrie has planned and executed several successful Halloween events, movie nights, and summer parties. And Bill served as President and Chairman of the SPCA. He led our annual hot dog purchases for the July 4th picnic, and he handled many critical administrative functions for our Association.

Your SPCA is organizing, but not sponsoring, this farewell party to express our deep appreciation for all Carrie and Bill have done over the years to put the unity in community. Please come if you can and help us thank them.

At around 5:30, a variety of pizzas will be delivered from Lou Malnati’s. We will have soft drinks for the kids. We will also have a voluntary contribution jar to help cover the cost of the pizzas and soft drinks.

Please R.S.V.P. so we know how many pizzas to order.

We look forward to seeing you there!

WHAT: Pizza Party in Honor of the Morrisseys
WHEN: Thursday, May 19th, 5:30 – 9:30ish
WHERE: Alarmist Brewing and Taproom
WHO: All ages and interested parties are welcome

R.S.V.P.s Requested


Praying Mantis Egg Sign-Up

The SPCA intends on distributing praying mantis eggs after Memorial Day to dues-paying members on our distribution list. Praying mantis are voracious predators. They provide natural mosquito and pest control to our community. If you are an SPCA member and would like to receive praying mantis eggs, sign up here if you have not already done so. This is our last call for sign-ups!


Shirt Sale to Fundraise for 2022-23 DC Trip

Each year the 8th Grade class from Sauganash School takes a trip to Washington DC. The class of 2022-23 is selling special Sauganash t-shirts to raise funds for this trip. You must place your order by May 22nd to support this worthy cause. Sauganash School parents will be pleased to know that these shirts CAN be worn as part of the PE uniform.

April Updates

Principal Munns To Discuss Sauganash School Expansion


The SPCA is excited to host Principal Munns at our Spring General Meeting She will discuss the expansion at Sauganash School and let us know how things are going. We invite all interested community members to attend. 

Also, US Congressional Representative Mike Quigley will lead the meeting with some remarks. We look forward to hearing how things are going at the Capital. 

WHERE: Sauganash Park Field House (5861 N. Kostner)
WHEN: Tuesday, 4/19 at 7:00 PM
WHO: Principal Munns and Congressman Quigley




The SPCA will be collecting items to donate to refugees of Ukraine at our Spring General Meeting.  Supplies needed/recommended:

  • Medical Supplies (Tylenol, Band-Aids, Antiseptic Wipes, Gauze, Adhesive Tape & More)
  • Food (Ready-to-eat pre packaged food, Coffee, Tea)
  • Clothing (Hats, Socks, Undergarments, Tactical Gloves/Pants- new items please)
  • Hygiene Products (Diapers, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Feminine Hygiene Products, Baby Formula)
  • Other: Flashlights, Baby Bottles, Sleeping Bags, UV Lamps, Knee Pads, Blankets)

Updating Our Bylaws

The SPCA also intends to update its bylaws for the first time since 2003 at our Spring General Meeting. In accordance with the existing bylaws, we need to inform dues-paying members of our intentions.You may review the proposed amendments and revisions here if you are interested. Also, please come to our meeting and vote ‘yes’ as we believe the amendments are good.


Holding an Election for Officers

The SPCA also intends to elect officers for our 2022-23 membership cycle at our Spring General MeetingOur board has a Chairperson, a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary. If you are interested in serving in any of these roles, or just working with our board, please contact us. We could use your help.


Praying Mantis Egg Sign-Up


Each spring the SPCA delivers praying mantis eggs to members on our distribution list. These eggs provide natural mosquito and pest control. If you are an SPCA member and would like us to deliver praying mantis eggs to your home for spring of 2022, sign up hereIt is required that you sign up for the 2022 delivery, even if you have already signed up in the past. The reason for this is so that people do not receive unwanted deliveries.


Earth Day Cleanup Event


The SPCA and our friend Alderman Nugent are organizing an Earth Day Cleanup Event on April 23rd. We plan to clean on Saturday morning from 9 AM until noon. Alderman Nugent’s Office will provide supplies but you are welcome to bring your own! 

Volunteers can join one of two teams. One team will meet near the underpass by the west trail on Lowell. One team will meet near the east trail by Glenlake and Keystone. 

This will be a fun community-building event. When you are done you will feel good about helping our environment. But also remember: you can pick up litter anywhere and at anytime. It is appreciated.


We hope that you choose to become involved!

Here are photos from the event!

Thank you to all who participated!

Spring General Meeting on 4/19

The SPCA Spring General Meeting will be at the Sauganash Park Fieldhouse at 5861 N Kostner.


The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 19th at 7 PM.


Scheduled speakers include US Congressional Representative Mike Quigley and Principal Munns from Sauganash School.




Updating Our Bylaws

We plan on updating the bylaws of our Association. You can read the proposed updates here.

There will be vote on our proposed changes. You may vote “YES” or “NO” if you are a dues-paying member.


We will also host an election for our officers. You may vote for us or even run against us if you want.


Hope to see you there!

2021 SPCA Holiday Decorating Contest – Voting Now Open

Last week our neighbors nominated the best decorated homes in Sauganash Park. We created a gallery of 21 homes. Now it’s time to vote for the winner!

The voting period begins now. The last day that you may submit a vote is Sunday, 12/26.

I recommend that you browse the gallery of homes. Click the photos to enlarge them and see the addresses. Choose your three favorites and submit them on this voting form

Your first place vote is worth 3 points. Your second place vote is worth 2 points. And your third place vote is worth 1 point. The homes that receive the most points will win the contest.

Winners Will Be Awarded Gift Cards

Winners will be awarded a gift card to one of our partner restaurants 
in the following increments: $100 (1st), $50 (2nd), and $25 (3rd and 4th). Runners up will also receive a special prize.


We are looking forward to announcing our community-selected winners one week from today, on Monday 12/27.

Don’t forget to vote!

SPCA December Updates | 2021 Holiday Decorating Contest

2021 SPCA Holiday Decorating Contest

We’ve made some revisions to our annual holiday decorating contest. This year community members will nominate well-decorated homes.  Previously only our board members participated in the nominations and judging. Now the winners will be entirely determined by the community.

You can nominate your own home if you want, but it’s probably more “in-the-spirit” to nominate a neighbor’s home. You can nominate more than one home also. Here are the rules and procedures for this contest:

1. Neighbors will nominate well-decorated homes until 12/19. Homes must be in Sauganash Park.  Use this webform to nominate homesPlease include a photo for the voting process. You may find this easier to do on your phone.

2. Members of our community will vote for the winning homes from 12/20 to 12/26.

3. Winners will be awarded a gift card to one of our partner restaurants in the following increments: $100 (1st), $50 (2nd), and $25 (3rd and 4th). Runners up will also receive a special prize.

We hope that you like this revision of our classic holiday contest. We need your nominations, votes, and participation to make this a success. Please join us!

Participatory Budgeting

Alderman Nugent’s participatory budgeting process is underway for 2021-2022. The next meeting is December 9th. 

Participatory Budgeting is a great way to direct funds to our community, but we need to participate to be considered. Keep up with all the meeting dates here.

Remember when we won this improvement? We couldn’t have done it without community participation. Please participate if you can.

BEAT Meetings in the 17th District for 2022

The Chicago Police Department hosts local beat meetings monthly. You can connect with police officers at these meetings. You can learn about ongoing criminal activity in the area, and you can report problems that you are experiencing and request assistance.

The Sauganash Park Community is part of the 1711 beat. It is helpful for our community if we have representation at these meetings. Please consider attending. Here is the schedule for 2022:

December is yet another great month to get involved with your community.

Let’s make this a memorable holiday season!

Don Morton
SPCA President

November Updates from the SPCA | News from Your Neighborhood

Vote for Our Partners in the North River Commission’s Best Business Awards

This summer we partnered with six local businesses to provide discounts to our members. We nominated all these businesses as selections for the North River Commission’s Best Business Awards. They have been giving our members generous discounts. Now we can show them our gratitude by voting for them in this contest. VOTE FOR OUR PARTNERS NOW UNTIL NOVEMBER 16th.

We Need Your Help with Participatory Budgeting

Since her election Alderman Nugent has divided the menu money (discretionary spending) with communities in our ward. This process is known as participatory budgeting. Two years ago we helped to win repairs for the underpass at Lowell and Granville (pictured below). We’ve won some other great projects too.

Do you have an idea or suggestion to make capital improvements to our community? The participatory budgeting process is beginning again for 2021-2022. We are looking for volunteers from Sauganash Park who can help represent us in this process.  Contact me if you think that you can help or just sign up here.

Community Conversation About Policing the 17th District

A community conversation about crime and law enforcement in the 17th District will take place on the evening of November 16th via Zoom. If you would like to attend this meeting, you can RSVP with 17th District Community Organizer, John Campos.

November is a great month to get involved with your community.
I hope that you answer the call.
We need your help.

Don Morton
SPCA President

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